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Khun Tum Thai Straw Rope basket shop was established late in 2011.
My primary  goal is to maintain a strong healthy customer base.

“To encourage and help out my clients with quality handmade products that I designed with hard work,
dedication and love. The more profits I achieve, the more I can help and establish with them as well.”



At the beginning of 2009, I decided to quit my job and move from Samut Prakan to my hometown, Suphan Buri province to pursue my dream. Not knowing what the dream and desire was, I asked my neighbor friends. “Apart from your job being a farmer, what else do you do for making extra income?”

The information they provided me with sounded very interesting, my visions and goals were about to become reality. They explained after finishing work on the farm, they used the extra time to make Thai Straw Rope baskets. They learned the craft from a government official who helped and trained them free of charge. I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend the training and I learned many different techniques for making the handcrafted baskets. I was very dedicated and soon after became very professional crafting beautiful baskets. Unfortunately, all of the equipment stores sold very expensive basket equipment, seeing this it gave me the opportunity of making a living for me and my neighbors. In addition, I pursued my desire by selling cheaper baskets and equipment to my clients. Khun Tum Straw Rope Baskets was established at this time. Now to date, it has been 9 great years of dedication and hard work.

The Shop became well known for selling low price, quality equipment, frames, baskets and rope. Most of my clients now have referred several people towards my business by word of mouth.

My loyal customers include the following:

1. People that buy the equipment to make the baskets to use in their house

2. Other traders and retailers

3. Job trainers who teach and train how to make baskets